Project: Vista/View Travel Booklet

Category: Branding and Print Design

About The Project:

I was tasked with designing a travel booklet for a small travel agency about to rebrand. The goal was for the magazine to look modern, sleek and appealing. The agency at the time dealt more with mountainous regions during the Fall/Winter so I focused on utilizing triangles for this subtle association as well as using yellow to allow a more warming appealing feeling while still showing the same regions.

The booklet was released in January in select areas of the Southern US to gauge interest in a rebrand. Upon release high reader feedback and interest in the agency was reported with readers wanting to know more info about the agency due to the design, typography and color usage. Overall the booklet was a success but with the pandemic halting travel the rebrand has been put on hold to reassess how to proceed with this info in a more aprehensive world.

Project Details:

  • Client: Vista/View Travel
  • Date: Winter 2019